Monday, April 5, 2010

On being meek..

As I prepare to end my days as an EKG tech and demote myself to a hospital aide, I've been giving a lot of people a heads up about the move: aides, nurses, information systems staff, the lady at the coffee shop who knows me too well, and the cardiologists whom I work with..

I ran into Dr. Cardiologist today in the hallway, and figured I better warn him that I'm leaving. He told me he knew, that Dr. Slightly Younger (but arrogant) Cardiologist had told him. We talked for a couple minutes, and he said that it seemed like a good thing, that sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forwards, that I'd learn a lot.

And then, I guess Dr. Slightly Younger (but arrogant) Cardiologist must have told him that I was working overnights so that I could finish my pre-med requirements. Okay. I realize this is sad. I realize it's insane that I never mentioned a word about wanting to become a physician to Dr. Cardiologist. I don't really have a good excuse for this. I am a wuss.*

Dr. Cardiologist continued to talk. He offered to talk about med school stuff any time, that he (and all his colleagues in his cardiology practice) had been through the process, that I could contact him whenever. He was really nice! I thought I was going to pass out. Or cry. Or cry and then pass out.

*I looked up wuss, and apparently it may originate from the word pussy. Some theorize that a wuss is "half-wimp, half-pussy."


  1. It's amazing how sometimes the kindness of others when we least expect it makes us want to cry.

    You should take Dr. Cardiologist up on his offer. If you get to know him decently well, he might even be good for a) a research project or b) a letter.

  2. Yeah, he offered to write a letter. I was really shocked!