Thursday, June 3, 2010

Instant Popularity

Last night I was floated to the emergency department. They were slammed with mental health patients and had something like five patients who required 1:1 observations, so of course I was perched on a stool, watching one of the patients, and waiting impatiently for each second, minute, and eventually hour to tick by. After being in the general calm of the ICU for all these weeks, I had forgotten the pleasing chaos of the ED: a very new baby crying, constantly chiming call bells, staff bustling back and forth, the obscene shouts of a combative drunk guy, and the eighties rock Dr. D likes to play on the radio.

A guy in a white coat walked past me and asked one of the techs where the commodes were kept. I thought he was a physician, but if he were looking for a commode then maybe I was mixed up.

I stopped one of the techs. "Jess, who is that guy?" I asked.
"That's Dr. Cho. He's awesome."

Twenty seconds later I saw him emerge from the storeroom, commode in hand, walking it into the patient room he had just come from. It seems like a sort of goofy, exaggerated reaction, but I was shocked. I have never, ever, in the three plus years that I've been employed in healthcare observed a physician get involved in toileting.

So, Dr. Cho, I agree with Jess. You must be awesome (as demonstrated by your crazy and unexpected act of awesomeness last night). I don't mean this in a political way, or that all doctors should start emptying bed pans. However, I do think that anyone who occasionally steps out the constraints of his or her job description to pitch in and help the team ends up building some significant camaraderie with the staff. I will remember this when I want to be awesome.

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  1. Nice blog ! and truely inspiring ... I'm a med student too, but not a mother ;) ... it'll be great to see in you my blog :D