Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleep Deprived Comment of the Day

Inspired by the Medical RNinja and her cat of the day and Latin of the day series, I have decided to trial a sleep deprived comment of the day series (SDCOD, pronounced: sad cod).

So, here goes:

This morning, I walked into a patient's room to empty his Foley bag and noticed that his nasal cannula was way up on his forehead. I leaned over and said to him "I'm just going to readjust your Foley and put it in your nose, okay?"


  1. Awesome. Hopefully he didn't know what a Foley was.

  2. Lol, I can just hear it - 'You're going to put put my what *where* missy??!'

  3. OMDG and Ninja, my patient was out of it and didn't seem to really notice anything, including my hysterical laughter as I realized what I had said and left his room.

    SINA, a "Foley" is a urinary catheter probably designed by Mr. Foley. Okay, I looked it up, I guess it's Frederic Foley -- he was a surgeon, but designed the Foley catheter it when he was a medical student. They're probably the most commonly used type of hospital urinary catheter.