Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crayola Crayon Colors -- Medical Edition 2010

The other night at work, some of the nurses and I were sifting through an old Avon catalog that someone had made behind and giggling over their products. After perusing the nail polish section, I admitted that I had always had a secret career ambition of being one of the people who comes up with the names for new Crayola crayon colors.

After some brainstorming, we decided that our hospital assortment might include:
-Last night's mac and cheese
-Mahogany stool
-Turbid tea-pee

Feel free to contribute your own!


  1. Lol! Okay, you had to know some of us would run with this the top of my head how about: Surgical Bonnet Blue, C (Diff) Green, Pallor, Purulence, Perineum Pink, or Melena (that word has just always sounded like it should mean anything but what it does).

  2. Greyish-pink - brain
    brownish-green - gallbladder
    copper - kaiser-fleisher brown
    silver - scalpel