Monday, January 3, 2011

"Mama, my turn."

My two-year old climbs into my lap and squeezes himself between me and my laptop. He closes my computer and tries to walk away with it.
"Mama, share. Mama, share it."

My MacBook has patiently tolerated a considerable amount of toddler strife. It's been dropped on the floor; thrown on the floor; sat on; stepped on; colored on (both crayon and sharpie, to my horror); taken baths in milk, coffee, and tea; and had plenty of CDs and DVDs shoved in its disc drive, which is currently jammed because it has two CDs stuck in the space for one.

Now, maybe you're reading this, haven't had a child/children, and are thinking to yourself, well, if I had a kid, he probably wouldn't that. This kid sounds kind of like a terror. It's probably best to continue deluding yourself.

So, as you can probably gather, MiniMan is really curious about my laptop, although right now he uses it almost exclusively to stream Netflix. He likes to watch Dinosaur Train, along with some other kids shows. We don't have a TV hookup or cable, and it's okay with me if he uses the computer to watch TV sometimes. My husband calls it a lobotomy in a box, but this lobotomy has provided some much needed sanity for both of us.

I also currently share my laptop with my husband (who, when I met him, professed to be so technologically disinclined that he did not want to have high speed internet, wireless, or use a computer more than rarely). Let's just say this has changed.

I'm starting to think maybe it's time to introduce a new electronic member to the family. Should I start seeking something new, but cheap for the boys? Would a PC be more durable? Should I get a refurbished Mac? Should I wait a while and save for a new MacBook, keep it for myself, and let them inherit the damaged goods?


  1. Why don't you get a netbook? They're pretty cheap now, and they do most things it sounds like you need.

  2. The netbook idea is really good! they also have small keyboards for tiny fingers. :)

  3. Ooh, thanks guys. A netbook didn't even cross my mind, but it would probably be perfect!

  4. My two year old niece LOVES the computer. Thankfully, my 4 month old son couldn't care less (yet). Mini-Man needs a computer :-) He sounds adorable.