Monday, January 31, 2011

A new perspective

I really don't like to get all mushy in my blog, but take this as your warning: it's going to get mushier.

As you can probably gather, I went back to work and survived to write about it. I can't exactly describe it, but something about my attitude towards patients really changed over the weekend. I finally understood that it wasn't some kind of intellectual insult to help people on a basic level (to get some ginger ale, to help reposition an uncomfortable patient in bed for the tenth time, to give someone a bath). I realized that being a patient in the hospital really sucked (okay, I knew this before, but now had this entirely new level of empathy) and that I wanted to do whatever I could to take care of my patients and ease the misery of being trapped in the ICU. So there, that's my mushy revelation.

Now for the highlights:
-Inventoried and checked expiration dates on one adult crash cart and a Broselow crash cart. It was pretty tedious, but I liked that it familiarized me with supplies and that during a code I would know exactly where to look for something. I had never opened the Broselow before; my reaction was a combination of amazement and concern as I sorted through through teeny tiny ET tubes and their stylets, feeding tubes and Foley catheters. I didn't want to imagine this stuff ever being needed.
-Changed a bag on an FMS (first time). I will probably lose my sparkly enthusiasm for that pretty fast.
-Assisted Dr. Nolan with a central line (first time I had ever worked with him since I came in as a patient). It was a little weird, but okay.
-Saw an episode of torsade de pointes in realtime when a monitor was alarming. The patient was given magnesium sulfate and lived.

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