Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the bake fest continues

I took MiniMan to the 'dinosaur museum' (paleontological museum) this morning. He was thrilled to see towering collections of bones; to sit at a station for kids and look for fossils; to play with and name the toy dinosaurs. After we left the museum, we drove into town and split a bagel for lunch. We had a nice time.

As we were driving home and he was starting to drift to sleep in his car seat, the sun was reflecting off the crusty snow. The edges of huge round hay bales were glowing. The snow was sparkling. I wanted to drive faster and faster, to accelerate until my car took off into the sky. I wanted to disintegrate into the air.

That's the thing about having a toddler in the back seat, though. Your car never really turns into a plane. At least not a real one.

I'm home now. MiniMan is sleeping. I should be cleaning the kitchen and bringing in wood, but instead I'm preheating the oven and waiting to slide in a second attempt at the perfect sunflower raisin bread.

The first one came out okay. It was crusty on the outside and moist on the inside. I was out of sunflower seeds so I used walnuts. They stained the inside dough a kind of brownish purple. This time I've added more whole wheat flour in hopes for a denser loaf, sunflower seeds instead of walnuts, and sultanas (golden raisins) instead of the more familiar deeply brown raisins. We'll see how it goes. There's something very transformative about take a slurry of ingredients that are so simple: flour, water, salt -- and turn them into fragrant, cracked golden mass.


  1. Thanks a lot! Now I am drooling on my keyboard! Oh, the joys of culinary chemistry.

  2. Uh oh. Looks like your baking a lot of bread. The trouble is that bread has to rise, and be put in containers to keep it fresh. That means it takes up more space than its raw ingredients ... you might need to mail out extra to all your readers or you won't be able to reach the oven pretty soon.

    That loaf looks amazing.

  3. that bread looks amazing. do you have a bread maker or do you do it in the oven?

  4. The bread looks amazing and everything, Mezzo, but I'm sorry, when the title of your post is "bake fest" all I can imagine is you sitting in your living room taking hits off the bong.

  5. Anon - the bread mailing program sounds like a good idea, as long as I don't have to pay s&h!

    C - I don't have a bread maker. This was a no-knead bread. Basically all I did was mix up all the ingredients, let them sit overnight (or longer), dump it into a loaf pan, let it sit a couple hours, then bake it. There's not a lot of active preparation time. Should I post recipes? It's really easy..

    OMDG - I never thought of that kind of bake fest! Oops.