Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back from the abyss

I haven't been writing. It seemed like there wasn't much positive news to write about, so I just didn't bother. My husband read my last entry and uh, it didn't go over too well, and I started to wonder if posting in a public setting was not such a great idea.

Not a lot is going on over here. I'm supposed to meet with HR in a few days and look into working in another department. I have this creeping feeling that I am going to end up in accounting. I guess that would be okay.

Meanwhile I've been hanging out at home, slowly considering all things fermented. The wild yeast starter is happy and making some good bread, and recently I made some yogurt. I think next fermented item on the agenda may be beer. Hmm. Beer makes everything better.


  1. Mmm. Your fermentation adventures sound marvelous. Hang in there! And if you do end up in accounting, say hello to the numbers for me!

  2. The smell of fresh baking sets off endorphins in my brain. It must be a good thing. Isn't this public forum still quite anonymous?

  3. Aww, it's hard for loved ones that are close to you to handle the raw emotions of blogging sometimes. If it helps you, though, carry on. I agree with Jon--this is still pretty anonymous, yes?

    Anyway, what is the wild yeast starter?! This machine sounds like so much fun!

  4. The wild yeast starter is some flour and water that have been allowed to ferment and grow "wild yeasts" (that were in the flour, on my hands, in the air, etc). They're kind of like my pet microorganisms, and they live in a little plastic tub. Basically you can use a puddle of this fermented goo (which bubbles and rises) instead of using commercial baking yeast. You can also time out how long it ferments after feeding it (you need to give the yeast more flour and water to feast on), or how long you allow it to leaven the bread which will both affect flavor. Longer fermentation will lend to a tangier, more sourdoughy taste.

  5. Yay for yeast!

    Brewing my very first batch of beer this coming Saturday.