Thursday, March 24, 2011

berserk work

I had yet another very exciting meeting with HR this morning. The prospect of it all wasn't quite as nauseating as it was the last time. I guess this means I must be making progress.

I think I might try to take a temp job which is mostly recording minutes for the IT department. They're implementing a new electronic medical record software change, and so there are meetings up the wazoo with every department in the hospital. I would be able to keep my benefits, but it would also buy me some time to figure out how to take classes in the fall, and I wouldn't have to buckle down for a long-term commitment.

As relieved as I am about not having to work overnights for the long-haul, and as nice as the prospect of having a paycheck again and breaking even with the bills, I still feel sort of like an idiot. After all this (my failed attempt at working overnights and taking classes, going nuts, etc), I'll probably be in basically the same situation I was in a year ago, except with a more idiotic, more useless job. In the fall, I'll be faced with exactly the same challenge I had before: how do I take my classes? I'll either have to a) not take my classes, b) switch to another job with a different schedule (i.e. work evenings, nights, etc.), or c) stop working.



  1. Well, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate, regardless of whether or not the job is challenging. If (c) ends up being the best option, remember that lots of people take out loans for medical training. It's just how things go. If the alternative is either losing your sanity or not doing well in the classes that you need to get into med. school, then it's not worth trying to work anyway.

  2. Mezzo -- Take ONE class this time. Not two. I can't imagine doing two and working full time.

    It'll be so much better. You'll see.

  3. When I was 25 I worked straight nights and went to school for 6 months. I was toast. Thirty-some years later I worked full time and picked up a two-year degree in three years. Went into debt to do an internship and 3/4 of the way through that, guess what. I was toast, on anti-depressants, and deeper in debt. Apparently I am a slow learner. The moral of the story is to take it easy. You will get it done and you will be a lot nicer to be around. I am just a geezer, but RS and OMDG give good advice. We're here because we care.