Monday, April 25, 2011

bankruptcy via daycare

This is a disaster.

I guess it could be worse.

After spending the entire day calling local day care councils (apparently there is one in most counties), checking craigslist, and taking suggestions from everyone and my mother we have still not come up with a plan.

Almost everyone who I called was all filled up.  One lady didn't have any openings until 2013!  I did visit one woman who was running a daycare out of her home, and although I guess it could have been worse, it was just not right.  When I got there I knocked on the dirty white door.  An uncentered no-smoking sign hung from the door.  The daycare woman was on the phone with DSS discussing one of her teenage sons.  The daycare kids were only allowed in one room of the house which was probably about 15 by 20 feet.  This room was also filled with cats (which I was told by one of the toddlers are NOT friendly), dogs, random knickknacks, random antiques that were on the floor but the kids were not allowed to touch, and random dolls that the kids were also not allowed to play with.  Talk about NOT childproofing.    

Thankfully, one of our friends, a stay at home mom who is stunningly smart and beautiful (but also leads this strikingly sparse life which includes not currently owning a functioning car) has offered to take MiniMan this week.  This will buy us a little more time.  Unfortunately, she lives like forty five minutes from our house in the opposite direction of where I work (which is about twenty-five minutes away from my house).  This means I'll spend about four hours each day driving around to drop MiniMan off at her house, and then back through the area where I live and to the hospital, only to do it in reverse at the end of the day.  At least it is only temporary.

I'm really starting to wonder if going back to work is futile.  My mom sent me all these listings for students at the closest ivy-league who are interested in babysitting.  It seems unreasonable to pay anyone significantly less than $10.00/hour, but when I add this up, just to do the three days a week, we'd be spending around $1200.00 for part-time daycare.  That is more than my take home is working full-time, so essentially, I would be working only to a) pay taxes and b) procure benefits.

If I didn't work at all we'd qualify for the NYS health insurance for poor people.  I don't know.  I'm just wondering what the point of all this is.  Right now, it seems like I'll mainly be going to work "for the experience" since likely, almost my entire paycheck will go to childcare.  And right now, I really don't think I'm going to give a shit about the experience.

The whole thing is seriously bumming me out.  Daycare sucks.


  1. I guess it's times like this that you really need to keep your end goal in mind. As long as you remember why you're doing this, you'll get through it. Good luck with MiniMan!

  2. Dogs, cats, antique trinkets, weird random dolls. Sounds creepy

    If its feasible wouldn't it make sense if your mom (or any willing relative) moved in with you for the time being, that way daycare=Free ? Well anyway thats how it is in my family, nobody pays for daycare lol.

  3. Wait, is this job actually career furthering? Or is it something you are doing to pay the bills? If it is the latter, congratulations on stumbling upon one of the paradoxes of the welfare system, and just DON'T WORK. At least not until you can work out a more reasonable arrangement.

    Money's tight I know, but maybe you can sign up for a pre-med class over the summer or something? Paying a sitter for 3 - 6 h per week is a lot more reasonable than the $1200 you were talking about before.

    I don't know, maybe that won't work either. Just trying to throw ideas out there.

  4. I wouldn't work in this situation, if what I just read is all your situation entails.

    I would rather be "poor" so that I could qualify for free stuff and financial aid to take correspondance courses.

  5. In your situation working doesn't seem to make any sense - especially if you can't guarantee that your children will be in an enriching environment. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your children...and lots of other ways to get experience. Good luck!