Sunday, April 10, 2011

everything I own is getting destroyed

Someone (no names) has scribbled all over the door with sharpie, and at a later date, on the quilt on our bed with a green highlighter (which I am pleased to tell you, was later determined to be water soluble).

My laptop has been dropped on the floor so many times that a piece of the polycarbonate coating has cracked and fallen off. Someone (no names) so thoughtfully threw it on the floor one day after shoving two CDs into my disc drive.

Just moments ago, I was about to plug my camera into my computer only to learn that somehow the video/PC port on the camera has been pushed beyond the plastic of the camera and into some dark abyss. AAGHHHHH.

I think I might cry.

And so I tell myself what I seem to be telling myself increasingly more often:

It's just stuff. It's just money. It's just money. It's just money.


  1. Aww...maybe you need to have the conversation about "grown up toys" and put them on a high, high shelf! I was at my friend's house the other week and her two year old started rummaging through my purse. At first it was fine...I mean, knock yourself out playing with the pocket pack of Kleenex! Then, he wanted to chew gum and I had to make up the grown-up lies, like, "Well, gum is only a grown-up snack! Kids only get to chew gum on airplanes." His older brother was quick to retort with, "But Mommy lets us chew gum..." Oops.

  2. When he is older you will look back at this stuff and laugh. Really! I'm not kidding!

  3. RS - Yeah, it's amazing. With the sharpie, I had used it to label some canned stuff, left it capped on the countertop for about five minutes, and the minute I turned around, there is my budding Pollock working on his creation at the door.

    Jon - yeah, the CD thing happened a while ago and is beginning to become vaguely funny (except we still haven't repaired it). It will be funnier when my laptop is in a museum, I bet.