Wednesday, April 13, 2011

how much?

I got my first statement in the mail for my hospitalization last month. I'm sure that it doesn't cover everything since there's no mention of the emergency department, which sadly, is the only way to get admitted (there are no direct admits).

Yup, that's right, $6401.81, which was for five days, I think. This is probably pretty cheap compared to almost any other reason to be in the hospital, I'd imagine. I am really grateful for my awesome health insurance right now, which so far, has covered everything from that visit.

Maybe there should be some kind of "psych cruise" industry. Instead of paying a thousand dollars a day to get locked up on a ward, get locked up on a boat instead. Get a little sun, a little water, and hopefully a lot of really high fencing.


  1. "and hopefully a lot of really high fencing." THAT one made me LOL, especially visualizing that luxury cruise ship. Chain link topped with barbed wire.

  2. Lol, you are hilarious! Way to put a positive spin on it, and yes, so happy that your insurance covered it!

  3. Yay insurance!!!

    The cruise ship would have to have high fences that were not climbable, but otherwise I think it's a great idea. They have nursing homes on cruise ships -- why not psych wards too?

  4. RS - Yeah, this could have been a really depressing post. Can you imagine getting involuntarily hospitalized, and then receiving a hospital bill of $1000+/day? Yikes. Makes for a pretty depressing aftermath, too.

    OMDG - Maybe they could have a watch tower with a guard and a tranquilizer rifle.

  5. haha the psych cruise idea is great- especially for people with seasonal affective disorder- may not even need meds at that point!