Monday, April 4, 2011

I don't want to go back to work. I don't want to speak to anyone or be social. I want to sleep all day instead.

A few days ago I went for the my first jog in months, up the hill and to this alpine lake near my house. The next day I was driving around town with MiniMan and we got rear-ended. We're both okay, but I am seriously sore (the whimper yourself to sleep kind of sore). I don't know if it was the running or the car accident, probably both.

I've been thinking about trying Bikram yoga. This is a really unusual declaration for me to make, because I tend to be really uncoordinated. In college, I dreaded my dance classes more than calculus, and choreography scenes more than juries (everyone performs for a panel of faculty and they decide whether or not you can continue in the program). A friend of ours teaches Bikram yoga (and owns a yoga studio). He has been pressuring me to go for years. At my husband's insistence, he finally stopped asking/offering. Of course, now I want to go.

I don't know anything about yoga, but apparently what distinguishes Bikram yoga is a limited number of poses (26, which are repeated at every session -- phew!) and a (patented!) hot temperature (around 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Because it's so hot, people tend to sweat a lot (and detoxify their systems), and it's easier to stretch because the body becomes really warm. Since I am starting to feel like a stiff eighty-year old man when I wake up in the morning, I figure I probably can't make things worse by going to our friend's yoga class, right?


  1. What can it hurt? I used to do tai chi which did amazing things for me, but I need help getting started again. I would think it might be good for you, but heal up a bit first.

  2. Right! Try it and see. If nothing else, it will probably tone up your!

  3. I tried Bikram yoga and it was really tough! I am also bad in the heat so that probably didn't help. However, I was never so limber in my life as the 15 minutes after I took that class. Have fun!

  4. I tried Bikram yoga, but my blood pressure is so chronically low that I couldn't do much but sit still and try not to faint.

    But I know people who have literally had their lives changed by Bikram yoga. I'm kind of jealous because I can't do it. I think it sounds like an awesome plan!

  5. OMDG - Yeah, I hate the heat, too. I'm actually a huge irritable wussy when it gets hot. I don't know if that would be good or bad in this setting. At least when you leave it must feel really refreshing outside.

    apotential - Sorry about your hypotension...that's a bummer. I'll let you know how it goes, if I actually get some balls and go. I'm worried if I don't like it, my friend won't stop harassing me to come back. Maybe I should faint. :)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE bikram!! And miss it so!

    You need to try it. Twice.

    I loathe/hate/abhor/avoid the heat at all times (except yoga). Really, I am one of those people who starts complaining about the heat after it gets warmer than long-sleeved t-shirt weather. But I adore the soul drenching sweat and mental challenge of a Bikram class. You become very strong and very flexible, fast. And you feel AMAZING after having a shower and peeling off your dripping wet clothes.

    DO IT!! I wish I could come pick you up right now and go to a class with you! =)