Thursday, April 21, 2011

on Peeps

I never thought I would stoop to this level of culinary offensiveness, but today I purchased...

Yes.  Peeps.  The quintessential all-American nutrient-free candy.

I have never liked Peeps, not even as a child, yet somehow today when I was at the grocery store, I felt oddly compelled to buy them and share them with my darling family.

I don't know if I bought them because (although they are not terribly delicious), they are kind of cute all nestled together in their little cardboard box.  Note: I do think my cuteness threshold has decreased severely since having a child (be forewarned, future mamas).

Still, now I have the peeps, and I'm not sure what to do with them.  Should I pull them apart and stuff them in those little plastic eggs (we are planning on hiding some this weekend)?  Will this leave them looking injured and lonely?  Maybe they are meant to be together; maybe it's like sending three siblings to different adoptive families.  Still, is it worth caring?  They'll all probably have the same cruel fate of getting masticated by some very small, very short, very new, very cute (here we go again) teeth.

Has anyone ever microwaved a Peep?  That sounds like it has some entertainment potential.

Note: this post was not sponsored by "Just Born Inc.," the company that manufactures Peeps.


  1. Make s'mores with them- put them in the microwave for like 5 seconds to get them gooey. Add graham crackers and chocolate.

  2. I always pass by the Peeps at the grocery store and stare at them with a morbid curiosity, but I can't get myself to buy something so bright! But those little birds are pretty cute..

  3. Peeps in Space:

    Microwaved Peep:

    I have never laughed harder than at the microwaved peep one. Make sure you watch it out, it's worth it!

  4. i loathe peeps too! always have as well! my brothers and I used to buy them and throw them at each other as kids.

    I think it would be cute inside an egg. I think it would work if you used a warmed knife. You have two boxes, so you could try it! :)

  5. C - Ooh. I like the s'mores idea. It would also nicely compliment the microwave experiment.

    BB - You are all the wiser, I think, for not succumbing to the tantric lure of the Peeps.

    SuFu - Okay, that actually started to make my belly hurt. Haha. Thanks. I am going to show my husband later!

    K - That's a good idea about the knife. I will let you know what happens. It all started because I was looking for dairy free, soy free candy for one of the kiddos with food allergies.

  6. I had people from the lab next door come over and ask what I was laughing to hard about. I showed it and had two of them crying by the end. The other one just stood there, she hasn't been in the country long enough to get the significance of a GIANT ASS PEEP attacking the world.

  7. Whatever you do, don`t open the package until you are ready to serve them. They dry out pretty quickly (within 2 days, I find). The idea of putting them into eggs is a good one, I think.