Friday, May 13, 2011

at my hospital

They hold a lecture series that meets every Friday morning.  It's mostly geared towards the physicians so that they can obtain their CME credits, but it's open to all health care providers.  I just asked my (awesome) boss a few days ago if it would be okay to attend (when I didn't have meetings) and she said yes!  I've wanted to go to these lectures for years, but always had scheduled patient care stuff going on.  I think I'll get to go on a regular basis, and hopefully be exposed to a lot of information.

This morning one of the gastroenterologists came and spoke about proton pump inhibitors (i.e. the class of drugs that are typically used to treat GERD like Prilosec and Nexium).  A lot of the lecture went over my head, but here were two cool points that were mentioned:

-There can be a significant rebound when PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are discontinued.  Some practitioners argue that the withdrawal can actually create heartburn in patients who didn't have it.

-People taking PPIs are more likely to develop polyps in their stomach (specifically, gastric fundic gland polyps).  This is kind of creepy, but apparently according to studies, these polyps don't seem to put people at risk for developing GI neoplasia.  So far they appear to be silent.

(Gastric fundic gland polyps - images courtesy of Medscape)

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  1. Yeah, those seminars are interesting. Especially when free food is involved!