Sunday, June 19, 2011

a sea of strawberries

okay, so maybe the "sea" was more like four quarts
MiniMan and I went strawberry picking this morning.  Well, maybe more accurately, I went picking and he went eating.  It probably would have been fair to weigh him before and after (and pay the difference), but it seems like the unsaid rule of "u-pick" is: you eat.  And so he did; he picked and shoved strawberry after strawberry in his little mouth, juices dripping off his already berry-stained chin.  We had a good time.

Strawberry season, in the northeast, comes and goes alarmingly fast, sometimes lasting only around a week.  It's worth the effort to get out of the house and pick these tender, lustrous berries; they really set themselves apart from under-ripened and bland grocery store varieties.

I think that with these, I'll probably hull and freeze half (smoothies), and eat the other half.  I keep dreaming of picking more and saving them for the fall and the winter, in an effort to preserve a little bit of summer.  I have the feeling even the ones that end up in the freezer won't last long.  Oh well.

I also picked up some garlic scapes, which are available almost as fleetingly as the summer strawberries.  The first time I got a few, I had received them as part of my vegetable CSA and I really didn't know what to do with them.  If you gather enough, you are left with a medusa-like mass that you can turn into amazing pesto.  Garlic scapes, by the way, are the little shoots that come off the top of the garlic plant.  They are milder in flavor than garlic cloves.  The recipe that I usually use is the one on Dorie Greenspan's blog.  You should try it!  

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