Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Things have been perhaps more than ever, a combination of wonderful and terrible these past few months.

It seems this blog has done plenty of focusing on rough times, so for now, at least, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.  Or my fingers still.  Or whatever it is you to be silent.  Maybe some day I'll break things up into posts; I think there were enough ridiculously bad days to border on comedy.

Anyway, the job thing, while I didn't anticipate to be especially great, has turned out, oddly, to be kind -- of -- great.

I'm involved in an EMR conversion process, and my job is to meet with all the clinical departments in the hospital and go over their documentation.  All of their documentation.  Everyone in the hospital is currently using an EMR application from the early 90's that looks like DOS and leaves quite a lot to be desired, so it really hasn't been a matter of converting what was there, it's been more like rebuilding every nursing assessment and note template in the hospital.  And, oddly, it's suited me.  I like being exposed to so many different departments and their processes.  It also seems like there's been a lot more flexibility in terms of working from home and scheduling once I stopped directly taking care of patients.

My boss is super flexible and this fall, I am (once again!) taking physics in a few weeks.  This time I'll be taking it at a private college about a half an hour from where I live.  My boss is allowing me to arrive to work between two and five hours late some days so I can go to class/lab in the morning.  And, here's the real shocker: she's okay with me leaving and taking a class a semester until I finish my post-bac coursework.

Although this is slow (med school around age 30), there are a lot of benefits: my employer would cover most of the tuition costs (we have tuition reimbursement and scholarships with somewhat low caps, which are perfectly suited to taking about a course at a time), I would have summers and winters off for family time, I'd be able to get sleep, and there would be some stability (both in terms of a schedule, and financially).

By the time I went to medical school, MiniMan would be in school himself, which would further alleviate some of the scheduling woes.  And, there are some opportunities for career advancement; my boss has encouraged me to apply for a position as an analyst which would double (perhaps more than double) what I am making now.

So, there's a lot to be said for that.

In other news, I weaned myself off of most of my meds about two months ago (taking half the dose of seroquel), and am generally feeling a lot better.